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 Little Krishna

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द्वैपायन दास
द्वैपायन दास

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Join date : 15. 12. 11
Age : 25
Location : Praha / Prague

PříspěvekPředmět: Little Krishna   21.02.12 15:00

1st part: The Darling of Vrindavan
2nd part: The Wondrous feats
3rd part: The Legendary warrior

Little Krishna is the darling of Vrindavan, the land of peace and tranquility, which is constantly threatened by the malice of evil king Kamsa. While Krishna is busy with his endless pranks and mischiefs accompanied by his friends, Kamsa remains restless for he is aware that Krishna is his nemesis. As in the past, a prophecy had threatened Kamsa that his evil reign is over, and a savior will descend on earth to make Kamsa meet his worst adversity in life, which is his death. The only objective of Kamsa's life therefore, was to find his angel of death.

If you are hearing carefully and thinking, you can discover some hidden meanings in lot of parts. Smile
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Little Krishna
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